How to Keep up your “Celebrity Status” online

How do you do this? 

It’s not like you can just post your BrandFilm and call it a day. You need to feed the flame with content on your social media. Well, it’s easier than you think. Create an outline of what your goals are for the month, then break that down into weekly posting goals. Start with a basic guideline to follow that will ensure engagement:

  1. 2 Facebook Lives a Month

  2. Post on Instagram at least 2 times a week (make sure it posts to FB too)

  3. Always have an active story on Instagram/Facebook

That is a great start. It gets easier if you have your posts scheduled out for the month and all you have to worry about on a weekly/monthly basis are the Facebook Lives and Instagram/Facebook stories. 

Your BrandFilm is pretty much the “commercial” for your brand, but it isn’t the end-all-be-all. You need to have engagement with your audience. Your BrandFilm is the warm introduction and your social media is the relationship builder. 

The biggest mistake we see is people posting once their company culture video and then getting disappointed that they don’t have results. 

A video is fantastic for opening the door to conversation, but it doesn’t have the conversation for you. Use your social media content to get them interested in visiting your website to learn more. Photos are a fantastic way to catch your audience’s attention. Also, make sure not to post the same type of photo again and again. 

If you’ve posted your team photos, start posting behind the scenes photos or individual photos of your team members. If you keep posting the same genre of photo, they start to blend together. Keep your audience coming back for more because they are curious about what you’ll do next. Don’t become too predictable.

There is definitely a difference between consistent and predictable. Predictable is bad, but consistent is good. I don’t mean you have to take photos every single day, but if you do, just make sure you use the right kind on your instagram feed. The most eye catching and aesthetically pleasing photos are for your Instagram feed/Facebook feed and the less attractive, behind the scenes photos can be used in your Instagram and Facebook stories.

Raymond MartinezComment