Discovering a local female artisan craftswoman - Ginny Bins

There's something special about admiring something that is handmade.  

I remember the feeling of leaving my 7th grade woodworking class holding a frame in my hands that I had designed and finished all by myself.  I created the dimensions and cut the wood.  I sanded and finished the edges so that it was smooth. I stained it a pretty deep mahogany color and attached a photo in it that would sit by my bedside through the time I graduated from high school.

This frame meant a lot to me because I made it myself.  It wasn't mass produced.  I put lots of love and attention into every detail.  Every little nook and cut was purposefully and lovingly created.

You can imagine my excitement, twenty years later when I discovered a local craftswoman business owner that designs beautiful handcrafted furniture pieces locally in Ashburn, VA.  

Want to know what's even more awesome?  These furniture pieces ALSO double as a comfy and safe space for your dog(s) no matter how big or small!

I was SO amazed and inspired by her work that I reached out to her and asked to check out where she makes these beautiful pieces of art.   She invited me over and I was able to take a little tour and check out her power tools and her wooden slabs and antique decorative pieces she uses to handcraft each piece of furniture.

Her story is exciting.  She believes in following your passion.  She wants to empower girls and women to show up to whatever you want to do in life, even if that includes power tools.  She believes that girls can play more than just dress up.  

Here's to supporting our local artisans pursuing their passions and producing some of the most unique and fun custom made furniture and handcrafted pieces.

Be sure to share this blog with anyone that LOVES their pets and let them know about Ginny Bins!


Check out our tour with Virginia at her home studio.

**Side note, I just purchased my own custom piece for my house.  I'll be sure to post photos of it once it arrives**

Contact Virginia at to find out more and to order your own custom made piece!



Keepin' it fresh! How to keep viewers engaged...

Even though I AM a headshot photographer, I think it's easy to understand how easy it is to use interesting headshots to keep people engaged with you as well as keep top of mind awareness.

On social media, whether it's Facebook or LinkedIn, anytime you change your profile image, it will notify your contacts of the change and encourage others to engage with you by showing you the image in your notifications.  They are more inclined to engage with you, even if it's to tell you how amazing you look! ;)

At Alimond Studio we like to continuously work on our craft, as well as solve challenges whenever we run into one.

Recently with the humidity and the rain, sometimes we can't go outdoors for the outdoor Cinematic Session look.

So we decided we wanted to ensure our clients will always have that outdoor headshot option even if weather conditions aren't ideal.  

After doing some experimentation, we found a setup and look that works perfectly for our studio and the look/style that is Alimond Studio worthy ;)

Check out the headshot below and our behind the scenes pull back image.  

We love creating custom looks for companies that have hundreds of staff to photograph or individual clients that come in looking for something a bit different that no one else has. 

What do you think of our new Studio "Outdoor" Style?  Be sure to ask for it next time you're in the studio! Perfect for when it's a rainy day/windy day/hot day but you still want that fresh fun outdoor look!

Sandrine with Alimond Photography poses indoors for our signature Cinematic Look indoors.

Sandrine with Alimond Photography poses indoors for our signature Cinematic Look indoors.

Alimond Studio's Pull Back Shot of our Indoor Signature Cinematic Look

Alimond Studio's Pull Back Shot of our Indoor Signature Cinematic Look

Personal Branding Week 8 - Don't overlook your vanity metrics


It’s science that human beings judge people based on first impressions. We judge people on the way they look, what they wear, and how they talk- down to the car they drive. 

The car you drive can say a lot about what stage of life you are in and the level of success you are at. Sometimes it means that you value other things way more than the car you drive. Does this mean you have to invest in another vehicle today?  Not really.  It just means that you have to be conscious of these judgements and decide if you care enough to make it a part of your personal brand.

Personally, I'm going to be rocking my mommy van for a little while longer until the kids get a  bit older. 

These vanity metrics do affect your personal brand whether you like it or not.


Thank you for tuning in this week for our personal branding series.  Today we are going to talk about some vanity metrics.  I’m not talking about the online vanity metrics like how many likes we have on your facebook page.  But rather things that people associate with your personal brand whether you like it or not. 


Yes, these things are super vain.  But just because they are vain, doesn’t mean they don’t occur.  Here is the number one thing people want to figure out about you as a person. 


Whether or not you are successful.  Success can be measured in so many different ways to different people.  However some of these factors are more vain than others…I’ll let you decide.  First successful metric is Money.  What kind of car do you drive?  What does your car say about you?  If you drive a motorcycle, that has a badass feel to it, versus a Honday Odyssey Minivan.  What house do you live in?  Living out on a farm in a simple two bedroom farmhouse versus an extravagant, beautifully decorated mini mansion have completely different feels to what type of person would live in each type of house.   


How about your family? Are you a 28 year old with 4 young kids?  Are you a 50 year old with no children?  Please realize, I’m not saying you need to plaster these on your website or on your social media platforms, but these are things people that know you and that follow you on social media will probably know about you.  One is not better than the other, just realize it helps you connect with certain people and push away other people. 


Are you in shape? Are you overweight?  Your physique is part of your brand, like it or not.  Yes, please are judging you based on your weight.  Would you trust a 23 year old fit women that has had no kids to help you lose weight if you are a 48 year old mother of 4 that has 40 pounds to loose?  Or would you trust that 55 year old fitness coach that has lost 60 pounds after her 5 child and has helped keep it off despite menopause kicking in.   


I know for me, when I see female entreprenuers  that have kids AND are super fit I think instant super woman.  Why? Because I personally know the struggle and think wow, how do they do it?  To me, that is success.  EVEN THOUGH I know there are SOOOOO many factors that can affect all three of those criteria.   


So while I’m not saying you need to go and buy a little farm if you want to be seen as more low key and modest or you need to go and find that mansion to be seen as super successful, I AM saying know that there are many things that are part of your personal brand whether you like it or not.  I call these the vanity metrics that people use to figure out if you are a successful person or not.  While there IS so much more to success than those factors, it’s nice to be aware. 


Homework for this week:  Think about ways you can incorporate your successful attributes into your personal branding story that you can use on your website and the story you tell to others.

As most of you know, Alimond Studio has always offered strategy within our headshot sessions as well as within our video shoots.  However, we are stepping it up with now offering Personal Branding Strategies for professional that are trying to revamp their online presence.  We are doing it for individuals that want to not just look good online, but want to truly show others why they are different than the rest. 

Now this isn’t Branding for your Business.  We have wonderful relationships with full Marketing agencies that we’d be happy to refer you to that are amazing at helping you in that arena.  However, this is for YOUR PERSONAL BRAND.  



Personal Branding Week 9 - Your Top 5 List and How it Can Change your Life


Your hobbies define you. Your social circle is defined by your hobbies. If you enjoy working out, you’re more likely to hang out with other individuals that have a gym membership. 

You are the sum of your closest five friends. Your friend’s identity will often be blurred alongside yours. Our parents knew a thing or two when they told us to be aware of the crowd we associated with. 

It is time to audit your friends. This includes your real life friends plus all your friends on social media. When you make strides to improve your friends list, you are improving the perspective of yourself and your personal brand. 

Remember in high school when your parents told you to be careful who you hung out with?  Well that advice rings true today as adults.  As you might already know, the five people you spend the most time around is super important.  And it’s not JUST important because you start to become like them, but it’s also important as people judge you subconsciously as well.   


You know exactly what I’m talking about.  When someone is introduced to you as Jackie’s best friend and you ABSOLUTELY LOVE Jackie, you feel a special bond with that person.  Instantly you know that they HAVEto be a nice person since Jackie is so freakin nice.   


The opposite holds true as well.  When you have that HORRIBLE client that you were SOO excited to finally get rid introduce you to her great friend Jack who is looking for your type of service….what’s the first thing you think of? 




I recently had someone tell me, you know, I want to be somewhere in life that I am not in right now, the first thing I’m going to start changing is my friends.  While I realize it’s NOT easy to change your friends, I can say it will completely change your life if you are more careful with the people you spend time with.   

Being friends with people you aspire to become more alike will help your personal brand by perception, as well as real life changes.  When you go out on Saturday night, you won’t be out drinking until 2 am with those old friends, posting photos laughing half drunk, but you’ll be white river rafting and hiking with a group of others while discussing how to create impact where you are most passionate.   

Homework assignment for this week- 

Audit your friends…not your facebook friends, but your real friends.  Who do you spend the most time with?  Are there people in there you need to remove?  Is there someone in there you need to add?  Be aware of this list and make strides in how to make this shift so that the 5 people you spend the most time with are people there on purpose, not just because. 


Thanks for watching this week, let me know in the comments how your personal branding journey is going so far.  Be sure to sign up for our Personal Branding Makeover Giveaway if you haven’t already.  See you next week! 


As most of you know, Alimond Studio has always offered strategy within our headshot sessions as well as within our video shoots.  However, we are stepping it up with now offering Personal Branding Strategies for professional that are trying to revamp their online presence.  We are doing it for individuals that want to not just look good online, but want to truly show others why they are different than the rest. 

Now this isn’t Branding for your Business.  We have wonderful relationships with full Marketing agencies that we’d be happy to refer you to that are amazing at helping you in that arena.  However, this is for YOUR PERSONAL BRAND.  



Personal Branding Week 10 - Your Appearance Matters


The reality is, other people will perceive you based on your appearance. How you are dressed, your outfits, your accessories, and how your hair is styled. And ladies, how much or how little amount of makeup you have on. 


Again, first impressions are just opinions based on an instant visual assessment. The way you are dress can determine your self-esteemand your level of professionalism. You must ask yourself, how professional do you want to be perceived? 


I am not recommending you spend 90 minutes getting ready for your day, but you must be aware that there is instant judgement based on your appearance. Create a personal style guide that you can constantly refer back to when making style choices. 


Clothing.  Oh my gosh. Such a HUGGEEE impact your clothing can make.  Not just regarding materials of clothes and the styling, but even how your clothing smells and how it fits you.  Is it ironed and neat?  Are they baggy?  If you’re a man and your suit isn’t fitted, it feels like you are lacking attention to detail.   


Your clothing can play a HUGE role in your personal brand.  I know when I see nicely dressed men AND women I think, ohh they are definitely important and successful.   


I’m sure you hear stories all the time about how someone invests in that staple outfit/piece and it gives them so much confidence and the perception of their values instantly elevates because of the way they appear in that nice outfit.   


How about your accessories?  Or your lack of accessories?  Personally, I am not a big jewelry person.  However, I’ll always throw a piece of something on for photos and videos.  It just looks a bit fancier in my opinion.  Same thing with shoes.  Find a pair that just make you feel amazing…whether you are a man or woman.  Great pair of shoes will make all the difference. 


When I see women all accessorized with their perfectly planned outfits I think WOW, she’s super stylish.  Sometiems all it takes is that one accessory to pull a whole outfit together.   


And lets not forget about stylish looking frames.  It’s the one accessory I can count on to get compliments and create a great talking piece whenever I’m out and about.  If you wear glasses, please invest in at least one pair of beautiful high end frames if you can afford to do so.  I know I can instantly see when someone has a designer frame that is unique and suits their face well.  You don’t find that off the $99 rack at your local glasses shop. 


Your hair cut and your style is another branding element you can look at.  Does your current cut and style say what you want it to say about you?  While it’s not easy to instantly grow your hair out, you CAN style it the way you want…if not every single day, do it for your photos/videos.  This is how people will see you anyways [Symbol]   


Makeup…wow, I am a big believer in makeup.  Even if you’re a natural “Idon’t wear makeup” type person.  For your branding photos/videos…you need makeup.  You just need to work with an artist that specializes in the no makeup look.    


These are a few things that affect your everyday brand in person as well as your online brand.  If at all possible, you want the two to match as much as possible.  BUT if you had to choose one to go all out on, do it for your photos and your videos.  This is how people will remember since it might be the first time they ever see you and it’ll be how they reference you later as well when they share who you are with others. 


Homework assignment this week is to create a list of physically how you want others to see you.  If you need help pulling this all together, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will help you create a personal brand style guide.  Think style guide for your business, but this will be for YOU.  It’ll help guide your clothing style, makeup look, accessories and how to translate it to everyday wear and especially for your online presence. 

As most of you know, Alimond Studio has always offered strategy within our headshot sessions as well as within our video shoots.  However, we are stepping it up with now offering Personal Branding Strategies for professional that are trying to revamp their online presence.  We are doing it for individuals that want to not just look good online, but want to truly show others why they are different than the rest. 

Now this isn’t Branding for your Business.  We have wonderful relationships with full Marketing agencies that we’d be happy to refer you to that are amazing at helping you in that arena.  However, this is for YOUR PERSONAL BRAND.  



Personal Branding Week 7 - Photos & Videos

Your brand is the lasting impression of your business, your product, yourself. It’s the reputation you uphold. A way to tailor your personal brand is publishing photos and videos that properly align with your brand. 

What you should be looking for is high quality images that best align with your personal brand. You’ve heard the saying, “photos speak a thousand words”. The reality is they do and they amplify any message by 1000. And videos amplify that message even more. 

The goal is to represent yourself in the best light and emphasizing what makes you YOU

Photography and video can be HUUUUGGGGEEE for your personal brand.  No matter how much face time you get with people in the “real world” your photos and videos will 100x that impact.  Think about how many people see your FB photos on a daily basis.  There are more people that see JUST that one photo than you see everyday.   


Think about that for one second.  Why are you not putting more time and effort into creating the photos that you are using to represent your personal brand.  Hold up, you might be thinking, well Aliyah, what exactly is a brand?? 


According to an article published in Forbes, Put simply, your “brand” is what your prospect thinks of when he or she hears your brand name.  It’s everything the public thinks it knows about your name brand offering—both factual (e.g. It comes in a robin’s-egg-blue box), and emotional (e.g. It’s romantic).  Your brand name exists objectively; people can see it.  It’s fixed.  But your brand exists only in someone’s mind. 


How do you want people to feel when they hear your name?  These are all important things to consider when creating a list of photos and videos you need for your personal branding makeover. 


Don’t be afraid to really push the limits on what is “acceptable” for your branding media.  Don’t just follow the herd.  If you are trying to stand out, you need to truly stand out.  Be Bold in your outfits if it aligns with your personality and values.  It’s okay to do things that maybe you wouldn’t do in normal life settings, but can get away with in your photos/videos.  For example, I don’t normally wear beautiful dresses every single day, with super bold lipstick, but I can certainly do it for my photos and videos. Exaggerate the way you talk or emphasize your hand movements if needed.  Think about the days back in high school theatre where you had to have your makeup applied 10 times heavier in order for it to show up to the audience.  Kinda the same thing.   


You homework for this week is to download the worksheet in this article and fill it out.  This worksheet will help guide you on what photos/videos you need to create that will be helpful for your personal branding makeover. 



Personal Branding Week 6 - Your Website

Whether you own a business or not, you should have a personal website. This website serves as your blank canvas to demonstrate everything that makes you YOU. If you don’t have your own website, jump on squarespace and get your domain name now. 

A personal website serves to send a message to represent your personal brand. It gives you full power to show your audience what you want them to see and which buttons to click and where to go next. Basically, putting you in the drivers seat- where you belong. 

Again, your website must align with your personal brand, content, and your connected social media. What does this website need? First, figure out what your message is centered around and than how to create engaging content that includes your core values as well as educational content.  There are five other pieces that your website needs to include listed in the video.

It’s easy for others to misunderstand you.  It’s also easy for others to put you in a box that is like so many others.  How do you make yourself stand out in a world full of so many other people that might seem to be just like you? 


Creating a personal website is an easy way to have a “mothership” for all of your online branding to center around.  This is where you can continuously update what you want others to see.  This website can be your hub to send visitors where you want them to go.  Even if you own a business, it’s important to have your own personal website as you are branding yourself.   


There are many easy ways to create your own website.  My favorite platform I would recommend is squarespace.  It’s easy to use and a great place for you to start.   


Your website needs to have a few things on it.   


1). You need to have something tosay – what is that message? 

2). Your media needs to ring true with who you are as well as your personal branding values. 

3). What you want your audience to do when they get to your website (give you their email address? Like your facebook page? Hire you for your services? Etc…) 

4). How someone can ask you questions or connect with you. 

5). Videos or written pieces that educate your audience 

6). Your personal Brand Story 


Your homework assignment is to purchase your domain name if you haven’t already.  You can go to squarespace and purchase your domain name through their platform or you can purchase your domain name on godaddy or other domain websites.



Personal Branding Week 5 - Your digital presence

There are many small steps you can take to fine tune your brand. One of those items are your email address. Why should you have to worry about a personal email address? You want to display professionalism and competency in your career, it is time to get rid of your and use your own domain. This will set you apart and give you instant credibility you deserve. 

It’s also time to start thinking about your email signature. A signature should be personal and unique, and you could think of it as a virtual business card with a call to action. Just like a business card, it should be up to date and attractive. It will show your recipient that you are really interested in what you do.

Now it’s time to show off your new email address and signature and get discovered. From blogging to podcasting, you want your voice to be heard and let your material attract your audience. 

Your email.  First off, be sure that you have a professional email address.  Do NOT use @gmail or @yahoo.  Please use a custom domain.  Whether it’s your work email or a personal one that is your name.  Even if you don’t have your own business, that’s fine, use your school address or buy your name domain and use that. 


Your Signature in your email. 

Create a custom signature that helps people find out more.  You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create and how many people actually click on that.  Think about what you want them to do and include it in your email signature. 


Personal Blog – this is great to allow people a peak behind the curtains.  It’s the EASIEST way to help others connect with you as a person. 


Writing articles for newspapers/HuffingtonPost – This is also a great way to reach many people at one time.  Be sure you are injecting personality into these articles.  But can you think of a few different topics you could write on and pitch it to your local magazine/newspapers or even national magazines/newspapers or something like that Huffington Post?  


This weeks homework assignment is to visit your email signature, and blog and think of ways to include personality and strategy into those pieces.  



Personal Branding - Week 4: Don't let your social media KILL your personal brand!

Your brand represents your style. This style is driven by your personality, actions, principles, and philosophies. Social media can assist in growing this brand, but it can also hinder it's growth. Keep in mind our social media accounts may even outlive us. 

Your personal brand can serve as an moral compass for your career and your life. And it should be used to determine what to put online. There are many upsides to defining your personal brand. The upsides include creating clarity and authenticity in your brand. So aligning your brand is essential. 

What does this mean for you? It means going through your social media outlets and preserving, or finding, that personal brand. Remove photos that do not represent your style, remove anything that doesn’t align with what you represent. Preserve that clarity and authenticity in your brand.


Today we are going to talk about how the things you do online and in person will start developing your personal brand.  These can be things you do in person AND things you can do in your photos and videos that will live online.   


Obviously, when you begin crafting your personal brand, your week one homework will help sculpt and mold everything else.  Everything else from this point forward need to align with those values you want to carry through your personal brand.   


Today we are going to focus on your online social media accounts.  Whether these are the “stories” in Instagram, Facebook or snapchat, or your regular feed on Instagram and facebook.   
Social media is SUCH an easy way to mess up your personal brand if you are not careful.  Why?  Because it’s easy to get emotionally carried away.  It’s easy to get political and go off on rants. Understand that if that IS your brand, than that is fine.  If you are a politician, than go off on your political rants, but for the rest of us, save those for intimate discussions if you need to have them so that way if you’re going to piss off people, it’ll be the few friends around your table versus half of your facebook friend list.   


This can go for how you respond to comments as well as the photos you show up in.  If you want to be seen as a respectable person in your community, you shouldn’t have photos of you wasted at the mixer popping up on your local chamber’s photos.   


You might say, well I’m allowed to do what I want because it’s my personal facebook.  And yes, yes you may do what you want, but know that everything you post has consequences, good or bad.  And since this video is about creating a strong personal brand that will help you get to the next step in life, you need to protect that brand.  Just like you would tell your children not to post inappropriate photos of them, that goes for you too. 


Moving on.  Social media is an easy way to connect with other people.  It’s a great way to share someone elses post and add personal context to it.  It will not only get their attention since they will be notified, but you can add your story to it and now you are instantly connected to their story.   


Something very easy to do is use professional photos of yourself (that still look approachable versus overly staged) on your social media.  Don’t worry about not looking “normal”.  What I mean by that is some might think, well, I want to still look approachable and just like other people with their cell phone pics that are maybe not the best quality.  I say throw that thinking away, and not just because I’m a photographer, but because I know what crosses my mind when I see crappy profile pics.  And it’s not, oh wow, look at how trustworthy that person looks.   


This week’s assignment is to go through your social media accounts and delete photos that aren’t aligned with your personal branding values.   


Delete anything that doesn’t make you feel good on social media, whether that’s a drunk photo of you from college, a comment you made that isn’t reflective of how you want to be seen, or that person that keeps making awkward comments. 


Next use photos across your social media accounts that you are proud of.  Use photos that you look at and can say YES, this person is someone I would trust (or whatever your values you are trying to show)… 



Personal Branding - Week 3: Your Personality - How to work with what you've got-

What does your personality have to do with your personal brand?  I believe it has EVERYTHING to do with your personal brand.  There is way too much noise in the world.  One of the easiest ways to stand out and find your differentiating factor is by using your natural personality and use it to affect the decisions on messaging/clothing/content/etc.

Doesn't matter if you're a life coach or you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  You need to be memorable.  If you think you have a boring personality. than guess what, you need to find something you're super passionate about and just GET EXCITED!  Watching someone work within their "passionate zone" is contagious.  You automatically want to be around them more hoping it'll rub off on you!

There are so many different ways you can work your personality into your personal brand. Check out the video to learn more.  Don't forget to do your homework assignment for the week!

Thank you for tuning in this week for our personal branding series.  Today we are going to talk about your personality.  This can be seen in person AND in your photos and videos that will live online. 


Let’s go through a few aspects of your personality.   


How do you want someone to see you?  Are you an outspoken personality?  Bold and straight to the point?  You can do that by the way you talk to people and the way you talk in your videos.  Hand movements as you are talking, the way you stand in your videos and in person.  Do you look people in the eye or are you frequently looking away.   


This is one type of person. 


Now, let’s compare that to this other type of person. 


Maybe you want to be seen as a very compassionate approachable person or a coach.  Soft spoken and understanding head movements. Tilting your head slightly? You can do this in the way you talk to people and the way you talk in your videos.  Hand movements as you are talking, the way you stand in your videos and in person. What about my tone of voice. 


You can tell the variation between these two types of people personality. 


Now there are a few things you can do in person as well. Remember, these are all personality traits you already have, you are simply keeping it aligned with your brand.  OR it might be something you need to work on because what you are doing normally is going against what your clientele need to see or need to feel in order to connect with you.   


 Here are two easy things you can start doing immediately - 

1). Actively listen to others.  Doesn’t matter what your personality type is, listening to others is something EVERYONE can appreciate. This includes NOT looking around the room or glancing at your phone while the other person is speaking. It sounds obvious, but it’s the number one thing I see when I meet people that will immediately send me away feeling like ick. 

2). Show confidence.  Easiest way to do that is by smiling.  There are other techniques like, your posture, carrying your chin high and not looking down a lot during converstaions.  Shoulders back, chest out.  But the easiest thing to do is smile. 


Homework for this week? 


Think of people you have met in the past year that have made you feel really good when you first meet them.  Think about the different things that THEY did that made YOU feel that instant connection.  Think of three things you want to capture and start incorporating into your own personal brand that you can use for your on camera personality as well as your in person personality. Write those down and start practicing them!


Personal Branding - Week 2


So now that you have your descriptive words you want others to use to describe you, we are going to move on to finding a few places to use those words.

First off, buy your domain name.  This a for sure way that when someone googles your name they will land on your website domain.  After you have your domain name, you need to figure out how you want to add value.  

From here you will create a list of different people you want to associate with and connect with on social media.  You are defined by the people you carry in your company.  You want to be associated with people in your industry that align with your values and your brand.  I would even suggest finding the leaders in your "values" space, not just your industry.  So even though I am a photographer, if I want to be associated with philanthropic people, I would find philanthropic people to associate with, not just industry leading photographers.

Once you've connected, it's a good idea to start adding value.  Not just value to those you're connecting with, but to to your industry, your space, and your social media following.  You will make others want to connect with you and you will be someone known to give value.

I will create a list of ten different pieces of content that anyone can write/record in order to help put their thoughts/value out to the world to make it easy for others to connect with you.  Look for this in my next personal branding blog post.  

Last and most importantly not least, you need to figure out your story.  AND you need to mold it into something that is relatable for others.

I have a guide HERE you can download if you are interested in a guideline that will help you start asking the right questions to draft your personal story.

We will start talking more about how we will continue crafting your story and how to incorporate this into your personal brand.



Personal Branding - Week 1


But really… what is a headshot?  Some might say that a headshot is a picture of your face.  Or maybe, it’s what you upload into LinkedIn or on your “About Us” section of your website.  However, one of my clients told me last week that his headshot is an opportunity to allow others to connect with him.  

This got me to think about it for awhile.  I realized that is exactly what a headshot does.  The images and videos that you put out to the world is your invitation for others to connect with you.  

Thats why someone who is running a business puts a specific set of photos and videos online whereas someone who is looking for a life partner puts a different set of photos and videos online.  

This helped me realize how we want others to see us depends on where we are in our life and what our goals are.  Professionals need to use images that brand them as professionals.  Their videos need to speak to what makes them industry leaders or why they are someone you should reach out to when you need their services.    

While strategically crafted photos can help others remember you as the professional you are, videos go one step further and really start help craft and tell your story.  People want to get to know you

In this world of overwhelm, we want to connect with those around us.  A series of videos help brand who you are and tell your story so that others can connect with you online and then engage you in person.

What is the first step?  The first step is to figure out who you are as a professional.  What are the words you want people to use when they describe you?  This will be where we start.  

Remember, you have a choice as to how people will describe you.  Either you choose those words, or others will choose for you.  

Personally, I want to be seen as someone who is a community leader, creative strategist and philanthropic activist.  In addition, I want people to describe me as someone who is easy to talk to and that listens well, isn’t necessarily “fancy” when it comes to how I dress or act, and someone you can trust to help you when it comes to building your business image. 

Just because that's how I want to be seen doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically happen.  Now I have to do things that are aligned with this same message.  My actions will determine whether or not others will describe me that way.

This is why I need to be aware of the photos and video I am using online to help shape how I want others to connect with me.  There are many, many ways you can start to personally brand yourself.  However, the first step is to determine how you want to be seen.  Let's start here: 

  1. Write down three different parts of your life and how you want others to describe you. 
  2. Now write down words people use to describe how they feel when they are around you.  

Easy enough right?  Great!!

Hold onto these as we will learn more next week on how to take the second step by laying out your personal brand.


As most of you know, Alimond Studio has always offered strategy within our headshot sessions as well as within our video shoots.  However, we are stepping it up with now offering Personal Branding Strategies for professional that are trying to revamp their online presence.  We are doing it for individuals that want to not just look good online, but want to truly show others why they are different than the rest. 

Now this isn’t Branding for your Business.  We have wonderful relationships with full Marketing agencies that we’d be happy to refer you to that are amazing at helping you in that arena.  However, this is for YOUR PERSONAL BRAND.  


Let's work together!