Headshots & BrandFilms for Professionals in the DMV area

When you are looking to find your realtor, your doctor or your financial advisor, what is the first thing you do online?  You look them up.  You want to see if they look competent, professional and friendly?  Are they someone you would want to spend time with?

Do they look trustworthy? 

How many times have you skipped pass someone you see online, whether it's on LinkedIn or on a professional website because the person's photo looked dated, unapproachable or there was just no photo at all?


We get it. Your headshot needs to represent you.  In a day where your customers and clients are making judgements about who they are going to hire based off your headshot they see before they decide if they want to work with you, it's essential that your photo makes an impression that makes the viewer want to meet you and learn more.

Alimond Studio works with professionals in Loudoun County, Virginia that want to leave a lasting impression through headshots and photography visuals that represent their remarkable personal brand and influential status so they can grow their business.


Which photoshoot are you interested in?


1). Headshot Sessions for the individual that needs professional and approachable headshots.


2). Year long Photo Session Package for our clients that need fresh social media images each month.


We offer:

Makeup Services

Full Retouching

Studio Location

On Site Services

Natural Posing

Digital Files

Quick Turnaround

Commercial Licenses


Generating Sales, Building your Brand & Gaining Exposure

Alimond Studio specializes in creating strategic headshots for individuals who need to stand out in the market as well as large corporations who need to create a unified team image.  We are committed to creating headshots that speak to your target market.  Doesn't matter if that target market is the 30 something first time mom or the Angel Investor.  Although we are located in Downtown Leesburg, Virginia, we have clients around the country and we would be happy to see if we are the right fit for you!


Featured In:

Looking for a Video or a Video Marketing Strategy?

We offer Video Marketing Strategies and BrandFilms for companies and that want to build their brand through videos to engage your market through strategic content and video production.  When it is 50x easier to achieve a page 1 ranking on Google with a video, there is no reason you shouldn't have your own video to help sell your services and products.  Please reach out to us and lets talk about how we can get video to work for you!


Check out the sample video here:


              ALIYAH DASTOUR







Want a quick tour of our studio?  Check it out below!

Alimond Studio is located in the heart of Downtown Leesburg, Virginia.  With our 1200 square foot studio we have a makeup room, changing room, and our photo room with a lobby up front.  We love our "boutique" feel and we are always focused on an intimate and fun experience.