Celebrating Our Community is Important.

Celebrating our community is important. Not just because it’s a fantastic place to be, but because it’s better to be a part of it than to be on the sidelines. People are what make a community, so getting to know them is only going to strengthen the whole. We can learn how to collaborate and help each other grow. We can learn where change needs to happen from the inside, from the people themselves. 

Loudoun100 was founded in 2017 by Aliyah Dastour, CEO of Alimond Studio. She always says that isn’t photography she loves, it’s getting to know people. She’s always drawn to people’s stories, what makes them… them. She whole-heartedly wanted to started the Loudoun100 project to show off the heart and soul of Loudoun County. It isn’t about the amazing accomplishments, careers, or awards the 100 people have, it’s about who they are. The project might seem like just a heart-warming video project, but there is a deep intent that Dastour holds dear.

“It gives people who are making an impact a voice in our community. And it allows for a platform to be created for change-makers in our community. Which is not something we currently have in Loudoun County.”

When asked what a Loudoun100 person looks like, Aliyah said it could be anyone, there’s no way to spot them based on what they present on the outside.

All types of people. There isn’t a specific type of genre or type of people; from young to old, male to female... It doesn’t matter what political side. It’s about what you believe in, it redefines what success looks like.”

Dastour has seen how much value and pressure is put on people in this area to “be successful”. She doesn’t agree that success is purely about education and career building.

“Success means feeling proud of where you are in life, so it could look like a lot of different things to different people. It should be different for every person.”

Interested in attending the Loudoun100 event for 2019? Get your tickets here.

Raymond MartinezComment