Authentic Photography & Video for the Seriously Talented Professional.

Alimond Studio specializes in creating authentic photos for the working professional.  Whether it's through headshots or your company video, we are committed to making you look like your gorgeous self.  With a studio in downtown Leesburg, you can come to us, or we will come to you! 

We aren't your everyday family photographer either.  We work with families of working professionals.  We know how busy and hectic your life is and how valuable your family time is as well.  We focus on capturing you and the family in an authentic way that captures the essence of your family spirit no matter if your children are toddlers or coming home from college.

You are beautiful.  Young and mature, regardless of your ethnicity, social status, or life history.  You are beautiful in the way you smile, the way your nose crinkles when you get upset, and the way you stare at the mirror as you wonder where all the years went.  Preserving the beauty your child sees as they look up at you when you take care of them as they are sick or the beauty your husband views when you wake up with your hair tossed with last nights makeup half on and half on the pillow.  That's exactly what a Haute Couture Session is.  It's not Boudoir.  It's capturing you in the sexy, authentic, gorgeous being you are.   

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