Here are the Top Ten Reasons to Work with Alimond Photography! 

1). We have a full 1200 square foot studio in Downtown Leesburg with a makeup studio, changing room, bathroom, viewing room, and photo room!   No worries about getting rained out and having to reschedule or meeting at your photographers house or worse yet their basement (eek!!) to get your headshot family shoot, or Haute Couture shoot!

2). We specialize in working with people! What does that mean?  It means we give attention to details such as making sure there are no double chins (that's always sexy, right??) and you look natural rather than overly "posed".   

3). Since personality is one of the most important things in an image (in our opinion) we do everything we can to make sure each session captures just that!  That comes in the form of what you wear to your session, what you are doing in your session, and the emotions and feelings that come through in them.  We guide you through the entire process so you have no worries! 

4). We are expert "photoshoppers".  That does NOT mean we make you look like someone else.  It means we enhance images with minimal retouching.  That means squeezing that arm back in after we have smushed it around your family as you are all having fun on the studio couch, or it means putting a little sparkle in your eyes as you look at your sweetheart. 

5). We <3 Kids!  We are patient, loving and have fun with our family clients.  There will never be an issue regarding "hurrying" a session along because we are sure to give enough time to each of our clients sessions.  Newborn baby needs to nurse?  Great! Kiddies need to grab a snack? Perfect!  As parents ourselves, we focus the session on having fun and creating memories you will fall in love with, again and again. 

6). Our clients always come first!  Our studio is built with our clients in mind.  We are open on the weekends with working parents in mind.  We have chosen our products through the feedback you have given us.  Overall, we want to make sure you have a simply fun experience! 

7). All of our products come from the best photo labs in the nation.  We stand behind all of our products and guarantee you will love whatever you choose! 

8). In everything we do, we focus on quality not quantity.  We know that you chose Alimond Photography because you HATE to be treated like a number.  You want a photographer you can trust, get to know, and come back to time and time again.  This isn't possible if you are not getting the service you want.  Quality is always on the forefront of everything we do. 

9). We have a beauty studio where you can order makeup or hairstyle services to be done on location right here at the studio.  These can be for your family pictures, haute couture session, or headshots!  Convenience and quality you can count on. 

10). Quick turn around so you don't have to wait for months to receive the images you love!