Kristin Crosby

We no longer use strip mall "photographers" for our family portraits. I guess I never understood how much BETTER a great photographer like Aliyah is before we had that first photoshoot. She took my professional headshot in a restaurant, next to a window... and it is by far the best picture I've EVER had of myself. With our family pictures, she is awesome with the kids. They love going to her studio and she always manages to make them smile. And she has the greatest ideas of where to pose the kids! I love how the pictures are both composed, yet candid. I just can't imagine using anyone else to ever take pictures of our family. I love Aliyah!!!


Rusty Foster

I have completed three photography sessions with Aliyah with Alimond Photography - two headshots and a holiday card with my dog. Each time that I have been to her studio, she pulls out an extra piece of my personality that I never knew existed. She makes the photography experience fun and makes me feel less self-conscious about how I look and feel. Aliyah is not only a fantastic person, but she is also a professional and top-notch photographer. I have recommended to several people and families that they go see her to help capture their special moments. She is one of a kind and I will only go to her.

Natalie Perkins

Aliyah and her ENTIRE team are AMAZING!!!!! They truly make the experience comfortable and fun even if you're not used to having your photo taken. What's more, the end result photos are incredible!!!! They're almost always used as my profile picture even on social media because they're really just the best looking pictures of me!

Gale Paige

Aliyah is the best photographer I know. She took the time to talk with me about WHAT I needed my photo to say about me. She pulled all the things I mentioned and made me look exactly the way I needed to look!
Aliyah continually trains to hone her craft. She is dedicated to helping people feel great about themselves and their photos.
I have hired Aliyah for both headshots and family photos. I am still emotional when I look at our family photos---she's that good!
I highly recommend Aliyah and Alimond Photography!

Brooke King

This was my first headshot session and I was a nervous wreck. I went in having no idea what to expect and I immediately felt comfortable when Aliyah greeted me and we began small talk. She saw the picture style I wanted and knew exactly what I was looking for. I went in for hair and make up, great experience, and then in front of the camera Aliyah made me feel comfortable, beautiful, and sexy!! Thank you so much for the amazing headshots!!

Debijo Wheatley

The best thing about Aliyah and Alimond Photography is how she gets to the know the person/family she is photographing prior to taking any photos. It shows in her work that she has captured the personality of her clients, making for fabulous head shots and memorable family photos. Her infectious personality, combined with her expertise make for a very enjoyable experience!

Sal Naso

I have been working with Aliyah for the past year as the Volunteer Director of Marketing for the Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of her work. Not only is she a great photographer she is also a pleasure to work with!

Sheena Saydam

When my husband and I came home yesterday, after being in your studio for head shots, I remarked on how perfect the space was. I told Han that you'd really thought of everything, down to the music. Funny enough, he, too had been thinking about the experience. "Not until recently, when I became a business owner myself did I realize what that takes. She has gone beyond being a photographer to creating a true business that provides more than just photographs, but an experience along with extraordinary photographs. Everyone talks about value these days, as in 'the best deal,' when what the smartest people know is that value is not in the cheapest deal, but that 'something' that is better than everything else on the market."

I could not agree more. I was so impressed by it all - the partnerships you've created with make-up and hair experts, the professional yet welcoming feel of the studio, and the actual shoot, where you easily guided us into taking the best photos we've ever had. This takes incredible amounts of time, thoughtfulness, strategy building, and drive.

We all have dreams and passions - and you, a mom of three has turned yours into an inspiring business that provides a product that is truly valuable. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Michael Oberschneider

I had a wonderful experience with Aliyah. First, she was able to accommodate my needs and scheduled me for my headshot within 24 hours of my call. She even met with me very early in the morning. Second, she has a very warm and engaging manner, which also contributed to a positive experience. As the consummate professional that she is, Aliyah took interest in why I needed a headshot and then gave suggestions and guidance on the appearance and look given the need. Great photographer and great headshot! Thank you Aliyah!!

Bonnie Ashby Sewell

Growing up, I enjoyed having professional photographers in the family even though I've never been (probably never will be) comfortable having my own photo taken. My headshot was the 2nd time I've worked with Aliyah. Both experiences were professional and helpful. I needed to replace my 6 year old headshot and Aliyah is aware of all that can be communicated in such a small picture. If you are like me and truly dread having your picture snapped, I can assure you, Aliyah will engage you in conversation and have you forgetting you're 'on camera' - such a relief!


Having someone on site for hair and makeup made it possible for me to schedule easily. Thank you Aliyah for executing professional service so efficiently! Her technology to schedule, view, choose, and pay is exactly what I expect today and she delivers.

Sue Kim

I can't say enough positive things about my experience at Alimond Photography. Aliyah is very nice and down to earth. She understood what we (my husband and I) needed for our headshot photos. She was so professional and easy going. I personally don't like to be photographed at all. However, I didn't have that anxiety at all at Alimond Photography. We went back as a family and had our photos taken there and we were very happy with the results, and so will you.


Edward Berenbaum

Aliyah Dastour and Alimond Photography are amazing! I was looking for a studio to take head shots for the real estate agents in our local offices and someone recommended that I speak to Aliyah. That turned out to be the best advice anyone could have given us. She's captured the photos of well over 100 of our agents and every one of them looks awesome. Having a picture taken can be a stressful event for people but she puts everyone at ease. Her scheduling is great, too.

Carolyn Berrigan

I'm sure that many people can relate to this: I did not look forward to having my photo taken professionally. But within minutes of working with Aliyah, I was actually having fun. She took the stress out of the experience. And she disarmed me, so that she captured the essence of me. I was most impressed at how it's not about the clothes with Aliyah --- especially since I agonized over and brought half a dozen outfits. Rather, Aliyah uses body language and expression to create your many looks. The only downside to working with Aliyah is having to select your favorite photo --- because she takes so many great ones.

Talley Hess

I had a great photo shoot with Aliyah! Her fun personality and warm inviting environment put me at ease. She offered to play my favorite music during the photo session and the sound of big band jazz and Sinatra took me to my "happy place" and she captured some great shots, even on a day I wasn't feeling my best. I highly recommend her and her professional quality photo services...definitely a 5 star experience!

Kim Harrington

When you think about life, truly think about it. It's no more than a series of moments in time. Most of them are exceedingly forgettable, but then there are the other ones. The ones that are as vivid today as they were when they initially occurred. Aliyah is the very best at capturing the essence of that moment in time and assures it will last a lifetime. Her professionalism and demeanor makes you feel like you're with family. Aliyah also has the servants heart. As busy as she is with her own family and business. She still finds the time to add value, to add a sense of worth to the lives of those less fortunate that her.

Lindsey Hoskins

I have used Aliyah's photography services for headshots for myself and all of my associates in my therapy practice. Aliyah does beautiful work -- everyone's photos are gorgeous and really highlight our best features. Aliyah is also incredibly fun and easy to work with. Highly recommend! Thanks, Aliyah!

Tonia Chagnon

I HATE HATE HATE getting my picture taken, seriously....hate! Aliyah makes it fun and makes me (and my teenage boys) comfortable and our pictures are AMAZING! Love her!

If you love getting your pictures taken - you will be stunning! If you hate getting your pictures taken - you will be gorgeously relieved at the amount of magic this woman can work. She's perfect!