The Alimond Elite Monthly Program

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What are the prices & options?

FAQ's for the monthly  program


This package is for the blogger/ marketing company / small business owner

That understands the importance of fresh photos / videos to brand themselves and keep great visual content to share across social media every single month.

So what is this exactly?

This is a year long relationship with Alimond Studio where you receive one hour, three hours, or a half day of photos/videos every single month to gather photos of you, your events, your team working, behind the scenes, your clients, etc depending on the package you choose.

The list goes on and on with what you can use the photos/videos for.

Are these for headshot sessions?

These are not for our specialized headshot sessions.  While we do take photos of people with the sessions, it's more aligned with lifestyle/documentary sessions.

How much is it?

Depending on which package you choose, either $500 or $750, or $2500 per month and includes the photography/ videography coverage that you can use however you want.

Can I do this for just one month?

This is a 12 month commitment and then month to month afterwards.

What does it include?

It includes the time per month (depending on the package you select) in addition to all of your photos / videos taken at the session.  It does NOT include retouching to each photo or editing on the videos but we will share professional retouchers you can order retouching services if you decide you need them (most clients find the photos are amazing as - is for the purpose needed.

How many photos do I get?

This depends on what we are photographing.  Usually it's anywhere from 50 - 150 photos/hour. 

How many videos do I get?

Our video package includes coverage of your event with audio when necessary.  This package is perfect for a marketing company that has their own editing team and have a vision for what they want their videos to look like and can put it together.  If you are looking for a produced video by Alimond Studio please see our BrandFilms.

How do I pick up time/date for the monthly sessions?

We have an easy to use booking calendar for you to sign up for your time/session each month. After you sign up, we show up 15 minutes before the time starts and we'll be ready to capture what you need!

How long will it take before I receive my photos/video?

You will receive your downloads within 24 hours!