We are so very excited you have chosen Alimond Studio to create family portraits for you to cherish years from now.  

Our approach to family photography is clean and simple photos that focus on YOUR family rather than what you think your family should look like.  

We believe the people in your family photos should look like your family...not a GAP advertisement.

How do we do this?

1). Select a location that means something to your family.  Doesn't have to be a park or even at our studio.  It should hold value and incorporate activities/props you will remember/cherish and connect with 25 years from now.

2). Wear clothing that is real.  What does that mean?  It means don't go out and purchase clothing that looks great on the GAP models you see in advertising.  While we DO have a pinterest board to give you inspiration when selecting clothing, we don't suggest buying completely new outfits just for your session.  It's about being real and being you.  The brand new clothing won't mean anything to you, but that top grandma got your little one for her birthday that she wears 4 times per week does.  THAT'S what you should be photographed in.  Remember, this isn't a campaign for Old Navy/Banana Republic/GAP.  It's a campaign for who your family is at this point in time.

3). When selecting your photos I will photograph a few "looking at the camera shots", but everything else will be more interactive.  Dad tackling the boys or spinning with his little princess and you cuddling with your little sweetie or even putting braids in her hair.  It's great to get a mix of the different types of photos.  I would love for you to choose a few "look at the camera looking sweet" shots, but more importantly select the photos that truly capture your family essence.  The moments in between the craziness that we call life.  Those are the shots you want to look back and reminisce on.  

4). Let your family be who they are.  Don't stress over whether or not everyone looks "perfect", behaves "perfectly", or smiles those "perfect" smiles.  Lets allow our kids to be themselves and capture that.  Don't get me wrong, I will tickle your 5 year old or lovingly tease your 14 year old to get some natural giggles out, but for the most part, I want your family session to be a no stress, fun environment for both you and the whole family.  Come into it with no reservations or expectations and know that I will create the most authentic, beautiful family portraits you've ever had.



We have realized that people don't always fit in packages.  That's okay. You want to have options and don't want to purchase an item simply because it is automatically included in that specific package.  Which is why we are now offering packages AND a'la carte.  You only purchase what you love!  Whether that's a package bundle or individual prints/files.  Here are a few examples of the packages we offer and some of our a'la carte items.


What happens from here?




Rather than a Frequently Asked Questions section, we wanted to included a Should Ask Questions section.  We want to give you the answers to the questions you didn't think about asking but will need to know.

1). Can I purchase JUST the digital files? Because we are finding our clients are misplacing the files or losing the links to their loved photos we are including prints with every file purchase.  After all, your beautiful photos will not be loved by you and your family if they are sitting in a dropbox folder or saved to your computer in some hidden file.

2). Can I view my proofs online?
After 8 years of working with our clients we now realize how much of a disservice it is to you by not sitting with you as you view your photos to help guide you through choosing the best photos.  Depending on if you're creating an album or if you are picking a beautiful 30 x 40 canvas to go in your living room, we want to guarantee a seamless and easy way to get the best photos possible.  We will retouch specific areas of the photo as well and want to have the conversation with you to guarantee photos you fall in love with every single day.

3). What is your return policy of 

Click here to be view our Family Pinterest Board

Click here to be view our Family Pinterest Board