Mara Bauserman

I would love for you to take (some of) our animal family and get all my children folk and myself into one image that actually resembles some picture of sanity and love or a project I call "Mission Impossible"! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is an on location photo shoot at our funny farm in Shepherdstown, WV where you will be subjected to slobbery dog kisses, donkey nibbles, pokey ponies and an array of furry and feathered madness. Your mission will be infiltrated by three photo-bombers disguised as children and one insane female who dares to call herself their fearless leader. You are challenged to capture an image that nobody before you has been able to capture (because we actually don't have a single family photo - single mom means I am always the taker and never the takee)! You will be rewarded with fresh eggs and poopy shoes! Now how does that sound for an offer you can't refuse ;) 


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