Cinematic Headshots

Alimond Studio is proud to announce our new Cinematic Headshot Series! The Cinematic Headshot is shot with a specialized setup that guarantees to give you instant likeability and will be the BEST headshot when compared to any other profile photo.  The new Cinematic Headshots are not just for actors and models (though you do see them rocking these sessions!) but for business professionals who are looking to put their best face forward and stand out.  These headshot sessions will take place at Alimond Studio where you will have the option to wear different outfits and may change hair/makeup/accessories/clothing/ties during the shoot so that you have different looks to choose from. If you are ready to create a series of phenomenal headshots to help you stand out, please be sure to book our Cinematic Headshot Sessions!


Interested in checking out the pricing for our headshot sessions?  Click HERE to find out more and if you're ready to work with Alimond Studio, be sure to book your shoot here!