Thankful Thursday: Lindsey Hoskins & Associates


It isn’t every day that you make a business connection that will last long after the first meeting. You know, the loyal kind with a mutual understanding of business growth, passion, and fun? Yes, that’s it. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, located in Bethesda, MD and Sterling, VA was that business connection for us, and over five years later, we are STILL grateful for it today.

When we met Lindsey Hoskins, her business was shifting and she wanted to re-vamp her visual brand. As a licensed couple and family therapist, Lindsey quickly realized how important it was for her clients to feel comfortable with her. But she also knew that there just wasn’t enough time in a day to prove her trustworthiness before she met each client.

For her, the solution was to create professional headshots that would do the talking for her, easing the minds of her clients, and allowing them to trust her easily before they ever had to meet in person. Listen to her explain how it all panned out: