Stop Comparing Yourself To Everyone


Are you still waiting on that defining moment in which you will figure out everything and decide what to do with your life? So are the rest of us. You might never have a moment that will define the rest of your life, but you will have moments that make you feel inspired, excited, or even passionate about what steps you want to take in your life. 

Comparing ourselves to others is natural. It's something we did as babies to learn, to grow. Going on facebook or instagram to check out your friend's vacation pictures or those facebook statuses about how Sam just LOVES the new job can make us feel like maybe we are doing something wrong if we aren't living the life our friends are posting so happily about. People don't post online about their worst days, their embarrassing pictures, or why they are so discontented with their life. Typically, people post about the things they are happy about, which makes everyone get the false impression that everything in their life is perfect.

When your friends are talking about what exciting things are happening in their lives, instead of comparing your life to the life your friends talk about, think about the things that you are doing well. If you are having a difficult time in your life, whether personally or in your career, think about the progress you've made in the past five years, the lessons you have learned, and the goals that you have. Find excitement in what you want to change or do with your time. Don't waste time feeling down, just plan. If you don't like your job, start thinking about where you would love to work. Do you need to change up your resume? Learn something new online? Have a practice interview with a friend? Whatever it takes. Work toward getting that dream job. If your dream job requires more learning, start planning how much time a week you can dedicate to learning those new skills. Don't just watch a bunch of training videos, read instructions and use guides. Do some hands-on assignments yourself to get some practice in. You'll find you have some exciting things to talk about now, because you are working toward a new and exciting goal.