Behind the Photo


We are so fortunate to be able to work with some  amazing clients here at the studio.  

This month we want to do something a little different.  It's nice to share  photos of our clients, but sometimes it's even nicer to know how that photo was created, why we selected a particular pose, location, or why we chose a certain background for example.  

Meredith is a Graphic Arts Director and she wanted one of her photos to show more of a  lifestyle feel at work.  She brought in her laptop that we were able to incorporate into the shot easily and placed it on our white table so it looks like she is working at a desk.  That along with a clean white background gave this a simple and unique photo that she will be able share on her social media platforms for her business with a little story-telling behind it.  

You don't have to have the newest or cleanest laptop either because we have our Pixie Dust that will make everything look amazing!



Nasancia is a Real Estate Agent and loves to share quotes.  She plans to use the photo so she can add them in and share her quotes in a fun and creative way with her followers.    We love the simplicity of the colors in this photo.  Again,  its a clean fresh look that really stands out against her beautiful complexion.  

Kristina is a Real Estate Agent as well and wonderful to work with.  She brought in a few different choices for her wardrobe and left this gorgeous blue shirt for last.  She was really hesitant about even putting it on because it was not one of her favorites.  We were at the end of her photo shoot and decided that she should just try it and we'll see how it looks.  As you can see, Kristina looks stunning and the soft blue shirt really brings out the blue in her eyes....and she did end up loving it!


Sometimes you may not "feel" like trying another outfit on and you think you don't really need it, but you put in all the time and effort to come to the studio so why not!  You never know if that photo will end up being one of your favorites!

Stay tuned for our next newsletter where we share more "Behind the Photo's" with you.