How exposure is different than sales?

You have a product. You have a brand. You have your logo, your space, your employees….

Where’s the business???!

Fear not, my friend. The business is out there. You just haven’t introduced yourself to your client. No, I don’t mean going out networking, but you should be doing that as well. 

Your presence online should be used to show people you exist. Half the time business is slow, it is because a company isn’t accessible to their ideal client. Your client uses Google. They use general terms like: Photographer, Coach, Holistic Doctor, etc.

If you don’t pop up on those general searches, you’re doing your business a disservice. 

You can enhance your searchability by using a really strong SEO and marketing strategy across multiple social media platforms. Think of your website as a Beehive. Your social media accounts are the worker bees. Social media can be used to let your clients know you’re there, and depending on your business, your client is on several different social media platforms. Maybe you even have multiple different types of clients that use specific social media. 

Cover your bases and get on the social media platforms that your ideal client uses. Don’t get on every platform in general, because you’re not aiming to attract EVERYONE, but your ideal, perfect client. Your posts will be used to differentiate you in your field, give your potential clients something to latch onto. Let them get a feel for what it is like to work with you and how you work. 

Also, don’t just post aimlessly. Ask the viewer to do something, give a call to action that would drive business. Ask your audience questions, encourage them to engage with you, ask them to read your blog on your website, or tell them to call and set up a consultation. Sometimes it is as simple as asking for the business.

By enhancing your presence online, you are reaching potential business every day without even stepping into a chamber meeting.

Raymond MartinezComment