How Do You De-stress?


The great thing about life is that it's not always great. But in that lack of greatness, we can take a step back and look for ways to de-stress.

But, like many of you, after a while of "de-stressing" it can be hard to find new activities to help us get out of the woods.

So here are some ways that we like to de-stress here at the studio:


Aliyah | CEO of Alimond Studio

“When I want to de-stress I love to find one of my many unread books and curl up on the couch and read.  I don't want to be around people, just me and my non-fiction book.

Either that or go on long walks listening to my podcasts. 

I like me time :)


Marion | Associate Photographer

“One of the ways that I like to de-stress is by sitting alone at a coffee shop or in a nice outdoor location if the weather is nice.  I bring my journal so I can write down my thoughts which allows me to release anything that is on my mind.  

By the time I am done, I usually feel better because I had time by myself to think, and the writing helps me to get those thoughts out of my head instead of bottled up inside.”  




Toria | Marketing Coordinator

“I’ve realized that stress is something I need to accept instead of dread. So, my way of de-stressing is done in 2 steps:

1) I pray that God gets me through it (because clearly I can’t do it myself).

2) I do something about it OR I find a way to distract myself from it.

I love to make checklists of all the things I need to accomplish and cross them off as I complete each task. It helps me feel productive and like I have at least an ounce of control over my situation.

Then, I might binge-watch Friends (the world’s favorite comfort show) and to hangout with my friends and family, because they always find a way to remind me that no matter what, I’ll be okay.


Zachary | Video Specialist

“These days it feels like I'm in a cycle of work-work-work and I treasure the moments that I get at the end of the day to take a breath and relax. I love coming home and spending the night by candlelight - it gives my apartment a calming energy that sucks out any stresses of the day.

My cats love it too - we chill by candlelight, toss around toys, mindlessly watch Shark Tank, and just enjoy the simplicity of the evening. Some people get upset with themselves when they work all day and then get nothing done in the evening, but that’s the time to do something simple that puts you at ease.

Don't overcomplicate your YOU time - enjoy it cause there's never enough of it.


Laura | Creative Director

"I destress by cleaning or accomplishing something that needs to get done but is of very low stress. Completing tasks makes me feel less stressed because they needed to get done anyway and those small victories are addictive.

I know that makes me sound super old, but it feels good to complete those little chores because I still feel productive, even if I am too stressed to work on something of higher importance. Plus, not only are things taken off my plate, but I have "products" of my labor such as a clean house, freshly clean laundry, or a fridge full of new groceries."

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