How to Build Your Personal Brand


We live in a world governed by social media. Brands, small businesses, and solopreneurs have been forced to interact with customers online, and they are not always successful. Consumers need more than exposure to your products and services - they want more of YOU.

Basically, you need to sell yourself. And no, we don’t mean that literally. But more along the lines of personal branding. Still aren’t sure where we’re going with this? Let’s have Aliyah explain further:


1. Personal branding helps to humanize your brand.

While businesses are considered their own entity, people do business with people, not companies. It helps consumers when they can put a face to a name. So, make sure you are active on social media and other media platforms so that people know you exist!

2. Allow your viewers to get to know YOU.

Long-lasting business relationships do not happen overnight. So give your followers and your target market a chance to get to know who you are. Get on Facebook Live and talk about your favorite restaurants in the area or tell them your backstory. Believe it or not, it makes them feel closer to you. When customers feel like they already know you without even having to meet you, then you are already on your way to a fruitful business connection.

3. Personal Branding helps you sell more "stuff"

At the end of the day, we all want to make a profit. The best way to sell products and services without all of the trouble is to sell your personal brand instead. When you have built up enough notoriety, people will rush to buy WHATEVER you're selling. They do this because they believe in you so much that they're willing to support whatever you deem worthy.


So, what are the key takeaways?

Always be aware of the way your followers perceive you and align it with your brand. This keeps your brand image cohesive. No one wants to invest in someone whose business practices completely contradict their actions on social media and vice versa! Never doubt your consumer's ability to see through you.

Additionally, it's more important for you to foster real, organic relationships with customers and other businesses than to focus on the sale. Get to know them, ask them what they need in their lives right now, and tell them how you can solve it. Then, you will finally win business you've worked so hard for!


Be transparent, position yourself, and show them who you are!