Be Friends with Positivity

By looking at a photo, a few things can be communicated right away, no words required. For example, even if hands are not in the picture, it’s easy to tell if someone’s hands are clenched. Friendships are similar. It is easy to tell when people click and are on the same page.

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Friends were made pretty easily as kids. It was like, are you in my class? Do you like the color blue? Cool. Friendship acquired. As adults, it can feel pretty daunting managing relationships because they are far more complicated than when we were children. Friends can either enrich our lives, give us someone to talk to and enjoy life with or they can bring out negative traits we probably shouldn’t exhibit in adulthood. As we grow, our friendships do too—whether that is together or apart. Here are a few things to ask yourself about the people you surround yourself with.

1.     Is this person destructive to themselves, yourself, or any of your relationships?

2.     Do you enjoy your time together?

3.     When you disagree, are you able to communicate effectively?

4.     Are you on a similar path in life?

5.     Does this person talk about you behind your back or do you talk about them behind theirs?

Your answers to those questions might give you some insight into the type of relationship you currently have with your friends. Of course there will always be ups and downs in any relationship, but toxic relationships can make every other part of our life more stressful. Having friends that are positive influences can help us grow and be healthy. Friendships motivate us to be the best we can be, as long as the relationship has a healthy give and take. That does not mean that you should drop all of your friends like hot potatoes, but if your friendship is not growing in positivity, it might be time to have a heart to heart about your friendship and where you want it to go. We all have to keep growing, changing, and learning. Make friends that inspire you, make you want to be better, and friends that are in a place in life you would like to be.