Batch your content, be your own paparazzi

Content is what makes up the feeds of our favorite Instagram feeds, and many people get discouraged looking at the beautifully organized feeds thinking wow, I don’t have time to do that!

But you do if you use this secret technique: Batching

Ok, it’s not that secret, but for some it is just about taking that first step of committing to doing this once every three months. Ready to make the first move? Ok!

  1. Find a Photographer that can help you get photos that match your brand’s image and the goals you have:

The thing is, you can’t just take a bunch of pictures and post them willy nilly. If you don’t want to learn techniques yourself, that’s ok! Just work with a specialist in content generation. Ultimately, you want photos that will stoke the fire of YOUR brand. The photos should be in-line with your company’s vision.

  1. Commit at least one day every quarter to get your photos batched and create your social media posts:

Organize your photos into categories and the days in which you plan to post those categories. 

For example, if you have a “TGIF” category, sort all celebratory photos into the “TGIF” folder so they are ready to caption with “YAY it’s the weekend!”.

You can even upload them into Canva to easily create social media posts. It’s amazing how easy it is to create designer-level content without even opening Adobe. If you don’t want to use any design aspects yourself, no problem! 

  1. Schedule your posts:

There are a ton of content organization options for your platforms online. A couple to get you started are Agorapulse and Planoly

What is fantastic is that you can schedule ALL of your social media posts for as far out into the future as you would like. Just make sure you schedule posts for times your target audience is online and ready to respond to your posts.

  1. Engage with your audience:

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably feeling pretty good. You have all your content scheduled and you’re feeling like a BOSS. Well, you are, but you still need to engage with your audience. The great thing about batching is that you only worry about generating content/posting content one time every few months, but you will ALWAYS have to engage with your audience.

Having a lot of content isn’t enough to keep an audience engaged. They want to interact with you. Make sure you respond promptly on your posts and are cognizant of when your content is being posted. 

Aliyah DastourComment