3 Easy Tips for a Better Headshot


Getting a professional headshot is essential to building your brand. And as you can imagine, we photograph a lot of people who are eager to make their next professional move. Here are 3 easy tips that you can keep in mind for your next headshot session:

Tip #1: Wear solid colors or minimal patterns

Patterns are awesome because they make us look like we put a lot more effort in our outfit than we actually did. But when it comes to your headshot, wearing a loud pattern hurts more than it helps.

Take these pictures of Marion, our associate headshot photographer, for example. Instead of being drawn to her face, the viewer is immediate distracted by her polka dot dress.


At the end of the day, you need your next business prospect to pay attention to you, not your clothes. Wearing solid colors or minimal patterns will keep the focus off of your outfit and onto the real star of the show - you. In the pictures below, you’ll notice that now, you’re immediately drawn to Marion’s face and then her clothing, and that’s the goal!


Tip #2: Structure Your Outfit with a Jacket or Blazer

While flowy clothing is great for every day outfits, it can often leave us without a defined shape in camera. Pay close attention to Marion’s shirt and how it hides her body shape:


Now, by adding a simple jean jacket, Marion’s shirt has more structure and forms to her body. Blazers will also do the trick if you want to maintain a corporate or professional look!


Tip #3: Open those Eyes, Hide that Chin

“Chin Down” is the phrase we say most often at Alimond Studio. Why? Because when people smile they tend to tilt their chin up, which closes the eyes. To fix this, tilt your chin down, relax your neck, and gently push your chin forward. This trick will open your eyes, lengthen your neck, and take away your double chin. And the results make for a beautiful headshot!