Mike Taylor - Premier Loudoun Homes

You know how you can sense when there is a "real" ness about someone?  When a man walks into my studio for his headshot session and within his wardrobe choices is a pink shirt. 

Half way through our session, I asked him to pull up his sleeves.  I saw a flash of pink on his wrists and without really getting a good look, I jokingly complimented him on his pretty pink bracelet, as I was half looking through the lens.  He paused for a second and looked down at his wrist.  I stopped and stepped away from the camera and really got a good look at what the pretty flash of pink was that I just complimented him about.  

"My wife is fighting and winning...everyday. This is is my daily reminder of her strength".

With that I held my breath for 5 seconds and just smiled.  Of course, I couldn't resist asking him if I could get a shot of him showing those bracelets off, and without any hesitation he held his wrists up and smiled.  

Mike Taylor - Realtor headshot Leesburg, Virginia

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