Are you Awkward or Confident? Your Headshot Says It All..

What is a headshot?  For some, it's a picture of their face.  Literally. I've seen some floating heads.  No shoulders or chest, just a cropped head.  Usually with a piece of someone else's arm hanging from the side trying to be cropped out.  

For other's, it's a half fuzzy photo from some friend who happened to buy a new camera and are trying out their photography skills, and I mean come on, what's easier than photographing a person sitting there looking at you.  Simple, right?

A headshot to me is so much more.  A headshot is about capturing WHO you are.  It's about finding out HOW you want to be portrayed.  What does the photo say about you?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

 Do you pay attention to detail?  Are you sharp?  What kind of smile do you have, or is there no smile?  Do you look comfortable or do you look awkward?  Are you confident?  Timid?  Are you full of life and energy? Or perhaps you are more fearless and sure?  Can I trust you? Are you weak? Meek? Anxious? Cowardly?  Or are you more Forward? Strong? Spirited? Passionate? Approachable? 

Yes - these are all judgements that will be made about YOUR headshot.  What does your headshot say about you?  As easy as it is for a photographer to claim they can take your headshot, you must really look through their portfolio and ask yourself how you would describe the people they have photographed and whether or not YOU want to be portrayed the same way.  

For a lot of people, they meet you for the first time online. Through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. You really don't get to make your "First Impression" in person anymore, it's now through your headshot.  

I am a Headshot Photographer because I believe making my clients feel comfortable AND portraying them exactly as they have described they need to be portrayed while bringing out their personality.  That is EXACTLY what a headshot photographer's job is.  It is NOT to simply take a picture of your head, but to give the viewer your 1000 words that describe you.  What are your 1000 words? What is your picture worth?


leesburg headshot