Tips & Tricks - No Chicken Wings please!

You are not a chicken wing!  No need to pose like one either...  I get it, I get it! "But Aliyah, It makes my waist look slimmer!! "  My response - No it doesnt.  It makes you look like a chicken wing."  Instant fix to this??  


Curve your arms around your body like so, allowing one of your arms to go slightly behind your waist.  Create a nice curved figure so that as you look at the photo your eyes follow a nice little curve.  Remember to keep your arms bent, but not stiff!  Relaxed fingers and most importantly, a beautiful smile!  Please, no more chicken wings!!!  As you are perusing on facebook and you see your bestie taking a selfie looking like a chickie (as in chicken wing) please feel free to post this blog post right under it....or better yet, send it to them in a private message.  You know, that way you don't get "de-friended".