Make Up Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Make-up is a fabulous way to make any woman feel glamorous, sexy, or more beautiful.  We sat down with one of our make-up artists Melissa and asked her some of YOUR top asked questions.  Here are her answers for you:

What is one beauty product you can't live without?

One beauty product I personally can't live without is mascara. I NEVER leave home without it!  For my clients it would probably be eyebrow powder- no one realizes how important it is- especially for pictures!

What technique do you use for round faces?

 For a round face the main thing is contouring to help slim the sides of the face to make it appear longer. Also a lot of times it helps to play up the mouth with a brighter shade of lipstick or eyes if they are a good feature.

I have acne, how can you help cover it up?

For acne, they key is actually to NOT use a ton of light colored concealer- it'll just make the zit or acne stand out even more. It's important to make sure you use an oil free moisturizer even on acne because a lot of products for acne dry out the skin and the skin react by sending out more oil- you could be making things worse by not using a moisturizer.  Apply foundation first before applying concealer...and sometimes if the zit is really red, you can use a little green tinted concealer first before the skin colored concealer. Choose a concealer that is the same shade as your skin tone and use it sparingly at first, it may take a couple go 'rounds. Pat concealer on gently to blend and then set it with powder. I use a mineral skim finish powder by MAC. 

I have sensitive skin/allergies, can you still do my make-up?

Yes! There are so many products on the market now designed specifically for sensitive skin. I carry many of these in my kit.

How long does it take for make-up?

A makeup session usually lasts about 45 minutes give or take a few minutes for different special looks.


Hair can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on length and style. 

Melissa Franklin - Makeup Artist

Melissa Franklin - Makeup Artist

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