Sometimes it's not all about that Bass...

I had the honor to photograph Ms. Veteran America 2014 this year at the National Conference Center in Lansdowne, VA.  As all 23 girls finished with their hair  and makeup, they came in to get their photographs done with me.  Please find out about Ms. Veteran America HERE.

Technically that's when I was supposed to be finished.  However, I quickly packed my equipment and background stuff up, loaded it into the car, and snagged a seat where the competition was taking place.  I HAD to find out who was going to win!!!  It was so exciting.  There was so much passion, beauty, talent, honor and smarts.  It was simply amazing and it was nothing like what I'd imagine it to be.  The camaraderie and encouragement between all the girls was beautifully authentic.  The tears of joy, the constant laughs, and the moments of silence to honor the women who couldn't be there with us because they gave the ultimate sacrifice was nothing short of amazing.   

Sometimes it's more than just about that Bass.  It's about Honor, Camaraderie, Love, and Standing up for something you are truly passionate about.  


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And check out some competition photos here: