Do You Really Need A Professional Headshot?

Does a professional, current headshot really matter? It is so tempting to grab the new camera you received for Christmas, find a white wall in your office, pop up the flash, and start snapping away.  After 593 shots there has to be at least ONE good shot of you, right?  Probably not. More than likely,  you have shadows around your nose, your cheeks are so pale you’re wondering if you should buy some spray tan, and the shadows/bags under your eyes foretell a zombie apocalypse.

Okay, so maybe it’s not THAT bad, but it’s probably pretty close to it.  Your headshot, whether it’s for your LinkedIn Profile, your website “About Me” section, or your new promotional mailer, should always reflect exactly the way you want to be seen.

Your headshot is like your digital handshake.  The way you carry yourself and portray yourself in your image will give other people who are ready and willing to do business with you an idea of how you do business.  Sloppy headshot?  Well you obviously don’t pay attention to the details.  Very “classic” (old) styled headshot?  You are probably not modern and you are probably at least 20 years older now than in that picture.

Your headshot needs to be professional—that means a professional photographer should take it. And your personality should come through.  Some people may disagree with that, but that’s okay.  I absolutely HATE looking at all the stern headshots of Lawyers and the Realtor who have their arms crossed because “they mean business!” When I look at someone’s headshot, I want to see if they are approachable.  Do they look like someone I could talk to without feeling intimidated?

People are assessing you professionally when they look at your headshot.  Give them something good to look at.  Show them some of your spunky personality.  Let them see a little smile at the corners of your mouth, or heck, charm them with a full smile.

Using professional lighting, a professional camera AND a professional who knows how to use those things will help guarantee you get a headshot you will love.

For examples of what I mean, visit my portfolio of headshots at

So, does a professional, current headshot really matter? Yes. It really does.


Meet Zarif Sahin of  Anatolia Properties 

Meet Zarif Sahin of Anatolia Properties