Sit Down with the Videographer

We recently sat down and spoke with Raymond; Alimond Studio's videographer.  Here are some key questions that we thought everyone would want to know about him and videography: 

What got you into videography? 

It all started when I was in the Military and was deployed to Iraq for 12 months. Crazy enough, I was both in love and in shock with the environment that I was in because of how natives were affected by the presence of the military. I wanted to capture those moments of our military troops going on dangerous missions, and the interactions between soldiers and the locals in Baghdad. I felt like the camera was surgically attached to my body, and since then I haven't let go of it.  

 How can video be used to help businesses?

Not only does video help you promote a company's brand, services, and products, videos help businesses in communicating their important points to their target audience in very little time. In fact, you can place them on your website and anywhere on the Internet to get maximum online exposure and gives your company instant exposure to millions of potential buyers. 

 What is the process when thinking about producing a video? 

Once you contact our studio, the 6-8 week video process begins.  We will meet to discuss all of the different ways that the video can benefit your business!  Alimond will then start brainstorming back at the studio.  We will create a story board and scripting.  Next, we will finalize details with you and begin shooting!  After shooting, expect to get a polished video within 2 weeks! 

 Do you have any tips for “at home” videographers?

You know that feeling you get when you're just absolutely in love with something? Well, when you notice it, pull out your camera and start filming. That's when you capture your best work. Film what you love and everything else will flow your way.


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