"How NOT to Take the Awkward Family Photo" Class

So as I have been doing "research" online, perusing facebook, and all those other time wasting activities, I have seen some REALLY awkward family photos.  Heck, I've taken some myself!!  With  the Holidays coming up, there will be a lot of moms & dads out there trying to take their own holiday photo for the photo cards they send out to friends and family.  What better time than now to take a class which will teach you the basics of posing, making your own family feel comfortable while you're photographing them, and some tips and tricks to take that perfect Holiday Portrait.  This will be a two hour long class in the evening offered October 16th and 23rd from 6 to 8 pm at Alimond Photography Studio in downtown Leesburg.  This will give you enough time to feed the kids dinner, get them settled at home, and for you to get dressed for a fun evening to learn by a professional how to take the best possible photo of your family this Holiday season!  Each class is limited to 10 people and the registration fee is $99.  Please register for the class by clicking the image below.

Aliyah DastourComment