Bella Ballerina Spring 2016 Photos / DVD purchase

Looking for your 2016 Bella Ballerina Spring Photos?

Photos will be ready for you to download on Wednesday June 8th, 2016.

Instructions on how to download your photos:

1.  Click on the "Download Your Bella Photos" link below (link will take you to the online client portal)

2.  Once on the portal, click on the "Client Access" link at the top right of the page. 

3.  When prompted for Gallery ID, enter bellaspring16+yournumber. (ex. bellaspring16135).  In this example case the number would be 135. With no spaces and all lowercase letters. **The number you were given when the photos were taken.  This number is also located on the back of the sheet the photographer gave you at your session**

4.  Once in your gallery, click on any individual photo.  When you hold your cursor over it, you'll see "menu" appear in the upper left hand corner where you can then choose to download or choose "all available originals" to download your entire gallery.

5. (Optional) For convenience, If you would like to purchase print packages from our professional lab, you may do so by selecting your package and going through the checkout. Any specialty prints that are ordered will receive custom retouching.


Photos will be ready on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Purchase your DVD

High Definition DVD's of the recital are still available for purchase below. The DVD will be shipped directly to your door.

** If you already ordered your DVD at the rehearsal/recital, it will be ready at your child's dance studio two weeks after the recital **