Aliyah - Photographer /Owner 

Aliyah Dastour is a headshot photographer dedicated to creating authentic headshots that not only help her clients achieve their professional needs, but their personal ones as well.  She is dedicated to not only helping them submit their photo to their boss to be published in the latest annual report and LinkedIn profile updates, but helps her clients also gain confidence through a headshot they can proudly show off to others. 

Aliyah is also the owner of Brand & Convert, an online personal branding firm. 

Most importantly, she is a mother of three and believes more than anything, each person has a special purpose in this world and everyone deserves to spend their life doing something they love.

  Email her at to get in touch.


Raymond - Marketing Director

Raymond loves anything related to music.  He is phenomenal at everything related to the marketing world.  If he's not playing softball with his family on the weekends, you can find him creating his own youtube videos portraying Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber.


Sandrine- Headshot Photographer

Sandrine is passionate about animals, but don't worry, she loves people too! :)  As a mother to a human child and two fur babies you can catch her at  the skating rink or hiking with her family.  


J*Rock - Videographer/Editor

J*Rock is passionate about exploring the outdoors.  You'll see her frequently parked at Starbucks or out training for her races when she's not creating amazing videos.


Kassy - Photographer / Assistant


Kassy is an optimist. She is constantly thinking about how she can improve herself and encourage business growth.  You'll most likely find her next door at the taqueria or running around town with earphones in and singing her favorite songs- loudly.