AliyahCEO & Head Photographer

Aliyah Dastour is a headshot photographer dedicated to creating authentic headshots that not only help her clients achieve their professional needs, but their personal ones as well.  She is dedicated to not only helping them submit their photo to their boss to be published in the latest annual report and LinkedIn profile updates, but helps her clients also gain confidence through a headshot they can proudly show off to others. 

Aliyah is also the owner of Brand & Convert, an online platform to help equip business owners to create a video marketing strategy to grow their business.

Most importantly, she is a mother of three and believes more than anything, each person has a special purpose in this world and everyone deserves to spend their life doing something they love.

Email her at to get in touch.


Raymond | Owner / Video Specialist


Raymond is an Army Veteran and passionate about music. He loves to travel and help others document the best of what life has to offer. Not only is he the husband to Aliyah but he has 3 little kids to manage as well.


Laura | Creative Director


Laura Taylor is a jack-of-all-trades for sure. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in communication and multimedia journalism. She serves as our creative director for Alimond Studio's BrandFilms. Laura is also quite the comedian, so if you're in the mood to laugh, then she's your girl!


Zach | Video Specialist


We aren't lying when we say Zach's name will be in Hollywood one day - yes, he is THAT good at filmmaking. He studied cinema production at Old Dominion University. He's the brains behind video production at Alimond. He is truly a ball of fun at the studio!