You have a website.  You have your products and your service menu done.  You even have a years worth of marketing ideas complete.  You have all your duckies in a row, but with everything online (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Website Presence, Youtube) You have NO idea what pictures to use, what kind of videos to upload and how to let as many ideal clients know about what you have offer in a fast and effective way.  And quite frankly, you're tired of using the same stock photos that everyone else has been using to promote your services and products.  Are you ready to get some real answers on how to JUMPSTART your business today and get the phone ringing ASAP?


Are you ready to show up and stand out in order to bring your business the attention and clients it deserves?



What's Included?

You will receive a one hour consultation to be scheduled before your session date.  This consultation will help me create a game plan for our day together.  You will have 8 hours with Aliyah at Alimond Studio for us to create everything you could possible want and need to get your business rockin' and rollin.  Check out what is included below:


One Hour Consultation

This one hour consult is to help you and I both create a schedule of what you really want to get out of your 8 hours with me.  Whether it's a series of educational videos with a set of ten head shots or a linked in video, a website video and head shots for you and 3 of your staff members, we will map it all out.

Up to 8 Hours just for you

I will devote an entire day just to help you capture everything you could possibly want in a whole day!  Of course that's not where my job ends, I will than spend the following couple of weeks working exclusively on editing your brand new photos and videos!


I want to make sure we are focused for the entire day, so we will have a catered lunch and snacks with your favorites on the menu.



You will be given scheduling priority in order to get your photos and videos back to you in the best time possible.



To help you use all of your resources, you will receive a how to guide on how to use all of your photos and videos on your website/linkedin/twitter/instagram/promotions/marketing materials

Makeup Artist

You will have full access to a makeup artist so that you are camera ready whenever you need to be.


Immediate Feedback

You will get immediate feedback on your photos as well as videos. By the time you walk out at the end of the day you will KNOW you have killer marketing photos & videos to help you attract more clients.

Multiple Looks

You will have the time to create as many different looks as possible for your photos and videos (that way, if you choose, we can create a whole 12 months of videos / photos for you to use throughout your marketing calendar.


Start thinking about these things below and write a list of what makes sense for you in YOUR business.

  • LinkedIn Headshot
  • LinkedIn Intro Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Website Introduction Video
  • Team/Company Headshot
  • Email Campaign Photos/Video
  • Newsletter Header Photos
  • Video Campaign
  • Product Shots
  • Contest Photos
  • Business Card Photo
  • Facebook Photos
  • Instagram Action photos
  • Twitter Photos
  • Twitter Header Photo
  • Landing Page Video

I am Aliyah Dastour of Alimond Studio.  We are the Northern Virginia Photography studio leader in creating head shots that show off your personality AND short videos to help you market to your potential clients.  With over 7 years of experience in helping businesses create images and videos to grow their business, I know exactly how to speak to different target markets that will get you the results you need.  With a focus on attracting clients in a fun and upbeat way, I have found that people want to work with people they know, like and trust.  How do you accomplish that?  Through identifying with your target market on a personal level.  I will be by your side the entire day to help you create a great strategy to do that and than will actually execute the plan by capturing and creating the photos and videos with you during our 8 hour day together.


Your session will only cost you $2499 or 3 payments of $999.  

With the full day valued at over $5500, I know these sessions are going to go quickly.  Once they are sold out, they will not be offered again until 2016.  

Interested?  Book now!

We only have FOUR Full Day Sessions with Aliyah left.  Ready to book one of them? 


We have opened up 5 sessions for 5 businesses who are ready to create phenomenal photos and videos to bring their business to the front and center of their clients minds.  

Let's Get Started!!!


QUESTION: How many photos and videos can I fit within our 8 hour day together?

We will go through this at your consult meeting beforehand.  You will not be disappointed as I am known to work quickly and efficiently.  

QUESTION: When does my full day business visual makeover need to take place by?

Your session will take place by June of 2015



QUESTION: What is the process once I sign up?

Once you sign up, we will set up a date to set up your initial consult to go over everything you would love to create during our session together.  At our consult, we will set up and organize your full day business visual makeover together.

QUESTION: Can we do these anywhere I choose or do they take place at your studio?

Your session will be held at my photography studio in downtown Leesburg.